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WHOOP-Szo - The Dive 7" - GRIZZ005
WHOOP-Szo - The Dive 7" - GRIZZ005

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WHOOP-Szo - The Dive 7" - GRIZZ005



WHOOP-Szo MX tour 7"
The Dive B/W Untitled Travelogue
45RPM on WHITE Vinyl w/ DIY Jackets
Total Pressing Limited to 500 copies
Released for WHOOP-Szo/Canibales Mexico tour March 2018

Canada’s busiest noise rock band traveled through new territory. In March 2018, WHOOP-Szo headed to Guadalajara, Mexico, the capital of Jalisco, to participate in an action of musical exchange and discovery.

The tour included performances, recording and a sharing of Indigenous, Canadian and Mexican cultures and experiences. Guadalajara's Rock n Roll devotees, CANIBALES, were guides to the band through Mexican territory with shows in:

03/22/18 - GUADALAJARA - Foro Anden
03/23/18 - SAN LUIS POTOSI - Rockabilly 
03/24/18 - CIUDAD de MEXICO - Gato Calavera 
03/29/18 - TEQUILA - La Eskalera 
03/30/18 - TOLUCA - Foro Landro Centro 
03/31/18 - CIUDAD de MEXICO - Dirty Sound

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