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March 7th 2019 -- Hello from the team at the Grizzlar! Thank you for helping us to support the work at the Boyle Street Community Services with coffee donations. We love doing the work and are happy to get to know Edmontonians like you who want to help. 

Here’s the information to our coffee tasting series. We’re bringing you on a journey through Central American coffees in 6 cups. We have high scoring selections from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Costa Rica for the coffee drinkers downtown and we are excited to show them off as a collection. We will talk about what makes central American coffee special and share some of our ideas about specialty coffee and the intersection of progressive culture, ecology and commerce. We will also hear about the work at the Boyle Street and how an integrated community response makes a difference. We have scheduled 4 events which will run from 6-8:30 pm on March 11, 12 and 18, 19 with capacity for about 20 people per event. Each donation gets one entry, but we know that people like to do social things with their friends, so for additional guests we are asking for a suggested $20 at the door donation direct to the Boyle Street. Please RSVP to Ryan at to reserve your date and let us know how many people are coming. We know it’s a bit short notice so we are also going to be running more events in April. Once we have these tastings booked we will announce the next round.

We’re trying to bring the world’s finest coffees and culture to Edmonton’s downtown and making our work accessible to everyone and we thank you for your support.

 We’ll be tasting the following:

HONDURAS – La Labor – ORG - COCAFELOL COOPERATIVE – This coffee is a community blend from a 300 member co-op in Ocotepeque, Honduras. Dedicated to sustainability and organic techniques, the production of this coffee supports education and experimental approaches to climate change mitigation, crop management and community equity.
HONDURAS – La Fortuna – ORG - DELMY REGALADO – This micro lot from Ocotepeque, Honduras was produced by Delmy Regalado on the Finca La Fortuna and bought through the Women in Coffee Collective. Buying coffees from female empowered sources ensures greater gender parity in the production, supply and marketing of specialty coffees. To keep the momentum going in our own community this one is being sampled, profiled and roasted by Susie, our owner/partner, to be shared with everyone who believes in visibility for the women in specialty coffee. We’re proud of the people we work with and love to support them on the stages they’ve built.

EL SALVADOR – Finca Santa Leticia – This natural processed Bourbon is one of the nicest coffees we’ve ever roasted. Uniformity in bean size, beautiful even colour and rich, nuanced flavour means that this will be one of our favorites as long as it’s here.  Finca Santa Leticia near Apaneca, is historical for many reasons. On one of El Salvador’s oldest coffee farms, great care has been taken to preserve the Maya history in the area. This coffee is grown at altitude in the shade of endemic biodiverse forests, encouraged by pacific breezes and fertile volcanic soil.

EL SALVADOR –  Finca La Isabella – This washed high altitude blend of Bourbon, Pacamara and Caturra coffees from Apaneca, El Salvador is beautifully nuanced. It arrives from Finca La Isabella, the sister farm to Finca Santa Leticia. It gives us great joy so we’re keeping it.

GUATEMALA – La Union – We’re really happy to welcome Guatemalan coffees back to our list. This offering from producer Cesar Higueros is an instant classic with beautifully balanced acidity and creamy milk chocolate body. Grown at high altitude near the town of Acatenago, the farm is located in a volcanic region known for producing amazing coffees. We can’t wait.

COSTA RICA – Heredia – This mill lot from Heredia Province in Costa Rica is a beautifully mild coffee which comes directly from an Alberta connection to the people who grow it. Its soft brown sugar, hazelnut and sweet stone fruit character make it hard to get forget and we feel that it rounds out our central American lineup with style.



February 1st 2019 --  We opened our shop in early October of last year. As we were getting set up and looking for ways to make connections with the city we live in and the people that we hoped would pass though our doors, we decided to start by supporting as many good causes as we could. Our work is based on other peoples’ knowledge, traditions and labour. We feel like the best way to honour that is to put our common product – high grade specialty coffee – to good use, building and strengthening the bonds which define our collective ambitions.

Our first client was the Boyle Street Community Services. Opening a coffee roaster in a neighbourhood undergoing intense transformation is a daunting task. On one hand, we’re trying to better the neighbourhood, provide jobs and new spaces for the people that want to be here. On the other, it’s easy to see the fact that the people that are already in the neighbourhood don’t always get the benefit of revitalization on their blocks.

Donating coffee to the Boyle Street is a sacred task. At the very least, the folks that use the services at the community centre finally get a break every day. We all love a good cup of coffee, that’s universal. As coffee roasters, we treat the Boyle Street account like any other. We do our best work and feel pride when it’s well received. The folks who drink our coffee are our customers and we see them downtown and around the neighbourhood. Some people greet Drew on the streets with “Hey, it’s the coffee guy.” 

The centre is going through more coffee than we anticipated, which is a great review. From Oct 1 to Dec 31, we roasted and donated over 200 KGs. We’re a small business made up of 5 workers, including the owners. Everyone that works here is a manager. Everyone that works here has done extra to make sure that we can provide this service to the people around us. 

Our customers have asked us how they can help. We have been asking ourselves how to make it sustainable, because the need is greater than our current ability to satisfy it. We live in Edmonton, Alberta, the city is branding itself as a winter city destination. It’s a city full of wealth, but the most vulnerable folks out there don’t always have supports. Edmontonians are generous, so maybe if we just gave people the opportunity to help us bring the neighbourhood up with consistent coffee delivery to the clients and staff at the Boyle Street, it would just get done. 

We are looking for 365 motivated Edmontonians to help us. For $125, you can sponsor a day of coffee delivery to the Boyle Street. We roast and donate 3kgs of coffee in your name, and you get a tax receipt for the full $125, plus an invitation to a special coffee tasting event series. The folks at the Boyle Street get a good cup of coffee and a safe environment to work on the challenges life has presented. We believe this can be accomplished.