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RECORDS. You got it bud.

Drew McIntosh

Posted on February 01 2018

RECORDS. You got it bud.

ANNOUNCING THE GRIZZLAR RECORDS! Home of international DIY music and art.

Check these launch titles!

GRIZZ001 – Adictox – -2- Picture Disc
GRIZZ002 – Arrabio – Hecho En Trinidad – Picture Disc
GRIZZ003 – Canibales – Hasta El Final – 50/50 gold/purple split colour 7”
GRIZZ004 – The Scrags – Anything – 12” on Black or Gold

We like punk because it creates communities which do great things. It’s one of those grand mysteries; the way that art and music can shape the greater society in so many ways. We believe art can and should be used to change the world.

We have spent a lot of time working on international music and art projects and came to the realization that If we were going to do things which were different, we needed to find a different way to do it. We decided that we needed to create our own means of economy.

With the launch of The GRIZZLAR Records, we are publishing music by international aritists who work with a DIY ethos to create the world around them. Canada is a diverse country, and we are working to increase visibility for international bands wishing to tour and play here, and also helping to connect Canadian musicians and artists with corresponding networks around the world.

The idea of Coffee & Records together is really simple. Coffee has a real value which is based on global commodity prices. Music and art are different. They are subjective. By putting coffee, records and art together, we are making it economically viable to produce the things we love.

At our launch, we have four titles which we have published as vinyl records for the first time. The records by Adictox (GRIZZ001) and Arrabio (GRIZZ002) are the first two rock LP’s ever released from Cuba. CANIBALES’ single Hasta el Final (GRIZZ003) was released into the Canadian wilds in the fall of 2017. Swedish garage punks The Scrags full length Anything (GRIZZ004) is now in hand and ready to make some waves.

In the last year, we have organized a couple of music tours and cultural exchanges, including Eamon McGrath in Mexico, Adictox across Canada with CANIBALES accompanying them on the western Canada leg. We have another project upcoming in Mexico with Canadian noise rockers WHOOP-Szo and are currently booking the Scrags, CANIBALES and Adictox for festivals and shows across Canada in 2018. Our goal is to organize networks around the world and facilitate cultural exchanges between these networks.

We have anywhere from 4-8 more records which we will be moving ahead with in the coming months and as we make our way around the worlds of punk rock and independent coffee we will be adding many more to our queue. All of these bands are different. They all sound, operate and very likely think differently. They also have a lot in common, and in the coming months we will be launching a subscription package program which will get you a copy of everything we release, the coffee you need and some art to make it all worthwhile. 

Get a GRIZZPAC For $100, we will hit you with everything we have. 4 records, a nice soft spun t-shirt, stickers, pins and patches, as well as a hand numbered print. The people who buy these GRIZZPACs are the people helping to get us going. Limited to 150! Then we press new titles.

Here are our launch titles from The GRIZZLAR RECORDS

GRIZZ001 – Adictox -2- 12” Picture Disc – recorded by Jesse Gander, design by Dave Kerr 
GRIZZ002 – ARRABIO – Hecho En Trinidad – 12” Picture Disc – Recorded by Jesse Gander, design by Ulises Torales
GRIZZ003 – Canibales – Hasta El Final 7” 50/50 surface split colour – Recorded by CANIBALES, design by Javier Villalpando artwork by 
GRIZZ004 – The Scrags – Anything – 12” LP on Black or gold (limited). Recorded in Stockholm by Martin Ehrencrona (Viagra Boys) Design by Joakim Forsgren

GET A GRIZZPAC. Get everything.