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Get ready for The GRIZZLAR.

Drew McIntosh

Posted on September 17 2018

Get ready for The GRIZZLAR.

Hello Edmonton. We've been on a great run through the last details involved in our building project! That means we are JUST ABOUT open, and only a couple of pieces of paper away from serving you coffee in our beautiful caffe. We don't have an exact date, because we don't want to steer you wrong, but we do want to let you know all about the coffee and records company we are building downtown Edmonton.

We started the project as a composite of everything that we liked about coffee and the social hub that a coffee house provides. In many ways, a cafe space and the coffee served influence each other and show what is important to the people involved in every step of the process. Depending on one's world view and experience, different coffee routes develop, culturally speaking, from the producers at the origins, to the consumer at the end delivery. As a roaster and caffe team, we know what we want to convey and are working it out so that our labour goes as far as possible.

We've tried to shape our business by supporting things we believe in even before we were actually open. To that end, we've been providing coffee for a wide range of community benefiting endeavours. In some cases, we hired the people running the initiatives. We have a great team with a diverse range of experience shaping up, and now we're about to put all the pieces together.

We have given every effort a personality, so that when it's out in the neighborhood, on campus or in your office, you know it was delivered to you with intention. We live and work downtown Edmonton, some of us have been here forever. So, it's with genuine affection that we have looked for ways to fill the gaps in the coffee culture that exists in our neighborhood and city. 

To that End:
We have a 10Kg gas fired coffee roaster from Datgen. We're using it to roast high quality coffees for the people of Edmonton and beyond.

We have visited hundreds of Cafes in a lot of interesting places, and really loved most of them. In building this caffe, we started with the ideas we loved about good coffee in Italy, our location beside a busy university with a new arts campus and a rock n roll based identity that comes with amazing gems from around the world. We wanted to create a space filled with potential for amazing moments. 

We did. It's great. Reminder: We're at 10557 -- 109st Edmonton, behind MacEwan University.

We have been working with the people at the Boyle Street Community Services and are providing them fresh roasted coffee for regular services. Winter's coming, we need to get everyone downtown drinking the best coffee they can. Fairly traded at the origin, and also fair trade at the market. Anyone can go down and get a free cup from the crew at the Boyle Street which ensures access to our work.

We have a La Marzocco Linea Mini almost ready to rock on a plumbed cart. This is going to be our Pay What You Can Espresso Bar, delivering high quality coffee to the people. We need to show the people of Edmonton the beauty of a daily espresso, and this is how. Serving only straight double shots, with a suggested price of $3, it's always available for you to fall in love with Espresso coffee in the morning or afternoon.

NO PODS NO MASTERS Delivery Service
If you value independent culture in Edmonton's downtown core, the best place to start is with your coffee routines. If you're a coffee head, working against the office coffee plan is sometimes a hard thing to do. Thankfully, we are teaming up with the Champ City Couriers, Edmonton's worker owned bike messenger company, to bring you whole bean coffee in weekly recurring subscriptions. So, if you live or work downtown, we can get you on the list for your fresh roasted needs, delivered by independent bikes in packages of 2, 4, or 10 packs. Don't have what you need or want something nicer than the drug store carries? We have hand grinders, brewers and more and we're building to always keep it interesting. Add those to your order and get restocked on filters etc. Attain coffee autonomy. No Pods No Masters.

COFFEE & RECORDS Subscriptions
It's not just for Edmonton. We're putting out great records from around the world. We currently have 6 records set to go into curated monthly coffee & Records packages. You can get 2 or 4 bags of coffee a month and a limited edition copy of records we press or otherwise want to share with you. We deliver you something unexpected for your record collection and coffee to enjoy it with, and you get to live like that.

A passion project run by Johnny Jagajivan and a crew made up of Hare Krishna devotees and punks raises money and feeds vegan meals to the community at the Boyle Street. We think that's great, so we are working to support their fundraisers and help spread the word.

Musicians, dancers and artists from the electronic music and hip hop worlds teaching others how to make music and express themselves. These folks are mentoring next generation talents with monthly workshops hosted by our friends at the Aviary, and a number of other great community tie ins. We think it's great so we are supplying some coffee for the programs and we hired Brett to work with us at the Grizzlar. Come in and ask him about it. 

There's a dedicated team running a monthly lecture series at the Aviary which combines science and story telling. We like the whole public discourse idea, so we support them with coffee to make learning a habit.

We're Canadian bands on tour and keeping the wheels on the bus with coffee & records packs as merch and bringing international acts into Canada for you to enjoy. If you see our logo on a poster, check out the show and get some great coffee.

We're supporting music festivals with a focus on locally run DIY ethos music and arts events. If you want us to help out with artist coffee, or branded roasts for your festival or holiday endeavour, we're your rock n roll roasters. We live in this world, our staff are comprised of active musicians and tour managers, we release records and we want to be part of your festival.

ALL OF THIS is waiting to open and will be coming soon to an underserved part of downtown. We're going to be working on getting the website finished and stock levels 100%. When we open, the best thing to do is come in and see it all yourself.