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The Grizzlar


    Drew McIntosh

    Posted on May 13 2019

    Here's a quick note about our Fuelin' Boyle Street program. Since September 2018, we've been meeting the needs for fresh roasted coffee at the Boyle Street Community Centre. We have had an amazing experience partnering with our friends and neighbours to get the program through the winter months.
  • Fuelin' Boyle Street

    Drew McIntosh

    Posted on February 06 2019

    Fuelin' Boyle Street

    We’re a small coffee company trying to cover the coffee needs at the Boyle Street Community Services centre for all of 2019. We want to use our work to improve our neighbourhood and ease the burden of homelessness in the city of Edmonton.

    We opened our shop in early October of last year. As we were getting set up and looking for ways to make connections with the city we live in and the people that we hoped would pass though our doors, we decided to start by supporting as many good causes as we could. Our work is based on other peoples’ knowledge, traditions and labour. We feel like the best way to honour that is to put our common product – high grade specialty coffee – to good use, building and strengthening the bonds which define our collective ambitions.

  • Let's Get Festive

    Drew McIntosh

    Posted on December 18 2018

    Let's Get Festive
    We've been open for just over 2 months now, and it feels like 2 years has passed since ...
  • Get ready for The GRIZZLAR.

    Drew McIntosh

    Posted on September 17 2018

    Get ready for The GRIZZLAR.
    Hello Edmonton. We've been on a great run through the last details involved in our building project! That means we are JUST ABOUT open, and only a couple of pieces of paper away from serving you coffee in our beautiful caffe. Here's an outline where we're at.
  • WHOOP-Szo and CANIBALES in Mexico

    Drew McIntosh

    Posted on June 19 2018

    WHOOP-Szo and CANIBALES in Mexico
    Check out these photos from WHOOP-Szo and CANIBALES on tour in Mexico!